‘Reliable like a Swiss watch.’
Proof tested with certificates and by our customers.

Certificates that we obtain testify that our products and services fulfill a high standard of quality, and we are proud of every single one of them. However, what makes us even more proud are happy customers worldwide.

The GMP+ and FAMIQS quality standards guarantee a reproducible supply of our high-quality products.

Herbonis produces its feed products according to the Swiss national regulations (SR 916.307 and SR 916.307.1) and has established a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) concept. Regulatory compliance, GMP+, FAMI-QS and HACCP conformity of Herbonis Animal Health GmbH is approved by regular inspections of the Federal Office for Agriculture of Switzerland, (Agroscope Posieux).

We are also registered in the catalogue of the Association of Swiss Animal Feed Manufacturers VSF (Vereinigung Schweizerischer Futtermittelfabrikanten) in Switzerland.

Our products have the Swiss Label, which is protected by law and reads as follows:

  1. the product has been assembled in Switzerland,

  2. the product has been inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland, and

  3. the components of Swiss manufacture make up for at least 80 percent of the value

without considering the cost for production.