About Herbonis

The Swiss company that
provides natural solutions
for animal nutrition.

Herbonis specializes in producing natural solutions for animal nutrition. We are your leading provider for specialty feed ingredients based on active herbal origin material. As an independent Swiss company, we are not bound by any limiting stakeholder interest- we are exclusively dedicated to the health of your livestock and the success of your business. Nature, Innovation, and Trust: we bring these values to life every day, and we see them as a solid basis for long-term global partnerships.

Our mission:
To deliver excellent solutions in animal nutrition by providing global leadership through our unique, biologically active plants.

Our vision:
To provide safe feed for the global food chain in order to safeguard animal and human health, while protecting the environment.

  • Independent Swiss company
  • Unique, safe, natural specialty feed ingredients
  • Individual solutions for local markets
  • Excellent stable quality

The Nature

The natural source that will quickly become your first choice.

If you pay special attention to natural, long-term sustainable nutrition, you and Herbonis already see eye to eye.

We believe that nature provides the best solutions for animal nutrition and animal welfare, so we made our goal to find those solutions and make them available to your animals. For more than 20 years, we have been dedicated to the continuous improvement of not only our core plant, but other plant species, too. We work with natural materials which allow us to offer you phytogenic efficient solutions for animal nutrition. The unique herbal source of our products is given to your animals with utmost care for their welfare.

Our motivation is to provide safe, natural feed ingredients!

Our task is to change the market philosophy towards environmentally friendly and efficient production!

Our mission is to challenge synthetic solutions!

The Innovation

Innovation is curiosity that creates new values.

At Herbonis, when we design our products and processes, we always look into the future. We are part of a complex market that changes rapidly, so not only do we quickly react to these changes, we try to be ahead of time. This is crucial for having advantage over our competitors, keeping our employees’ loyalty, and reaching the economic success of Herbonis.

Normally, those employees whose goal is to prosper look for an employer who can provide support on their path to success and share wisdom on the way. This is the reason why Herbonis attracts people with innovative thinking, who ultimately develop innovative strategies and products. We truly believe that our success lies in our highly committed employees, which is why we empower creativity by supporting unusual ideas and allowing mistakes!

What makes you choose us is the science that backs up our work, the use of modern and in-house developed analytical methods, and a high level of expertise- all of which allows us to help you improve efficiency and effectiveness, while giving you competitive benefits.

As a real development partner, we are committed to helping our customers to solve critical challenges by closely cooperating with our team of experts and sharing best practices.

The Trust

It is about making you sure that we take care of everything.

We believe that by offering our products, we help our customers not only solve a problem, but also seize the opportunity to be the best on their market.

Regular and open communication is the basis for the trustworthy relationship we have with our partners. We say what we think, and we do what we say. We are honest and we deal with mistakes openly!  We plan to always remain authentic!

Herbonis is a solid and strong SME in Switzerland. Our healthy finances and the total control over the entire supply chain of our products are the basis for a long-term development and trustworthy relationship we built with our customers.

Choosing Herbonis as your next partner means exactly this.