A history of innovation.
From the beginning and forever.

We, at Herbonis, have set important milestones in the research and improvement of natural and healthy solutions for animal nutrition, ever since 2001, when we were founded in Basel, Switzerland. We invite you to discover the most important milestones in our company's history.


Herbonis AG was founded in Switzerland- a life sciences company dedicated to support bone health in humans and animals, with herb-based substances.


Herbonis Animal Health GmbH was founded in Basel, Switzerland, as a subsidiary of Herbonis AG. This company specialized in herb-based products that contain active components, as well as in finding specialty feed ingredient solutions for animal nutrition.


Commercial release of Panbonis®, a product that contains the source of bioactive form of vitamin D3.


Herbonis decided to protect Solanum glaucophyllum variety, starting off in Switzerland. Since then, we have expanded to the biggest countries and different markets across the globe. The process is still ongoing, and we are adding more countries to the list.


We separated the human solution-oriented facet of our company and started building up a strategy that focused on the animal feed markets worldwide.


Acquisition and integration of FAT Robert Aebi Feed Additive Technologies Ltd., Herbonis long-term global distributor. This action announced that Herbonis was going from science based to customer-oriented science-driven company. Its goal was to be visible in the biggest feed-producing countries worldwide and to stand on its own as well as together with our network of partners. We confirmed our full dedication to phytogenic animal applications.


Herbonis closed the acquisition process with the long-term business partner Wyreside Products ltd. Having done this, Herbonis is now directly present in the UK and Ireland, as well as other selected countries worldwide.


Herbonis celebrates its 20 anniversary. We are proud that Herbonis made all way to today. The company went through many transformations and leaving behind its initial focus – products for human use. Now Herbonis is fully dedicated to animal nutrition, company that is recognized by its science driven expertise in specialty feed ingredients based on active herbal origin material. The core is still the plant containing the source of the active metabolite of vitamin D3 and Herbonis is the worldwide leading company in this market.