20 Years of commitment with nature and science to animal welfare.

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The history of Herbonis goes all the way back to 2001 when group of scientist in F. Hoffmann-La Roche in the vitamin division started to make a spin-off with a project: the commercialization a herbal product which contains the source of the active form of vitamin D3. The project was stopped but the scientists did not want to give up. They believed in the project and decided to continue under the new name.

Herbonis AG was founded and project continued.

We are proud that Herbonis made all way to today. The company went through many transformations and leaving behind its initial focus – products for human use. Now Herbonis is fully dedicated to animal nutrition, company that is recognized by its science driven expertise in specialty feed ingredients based on active herbal origin material. The core is still the plant containing the source of the active metabolite of vitamin D3 and Herbonis is the worldwide leading company in this market.

In Herbonis we value the most our independence which gives us the freedom to make decision which are in sole benefit of Herbonis and our long term partners.

We want to thank our customers and partners for the long term relationship build on trust and fairness.

For the 20`Y Anniversary Herbonis Team gathered in Luzern and made its way up to Pilatus. During the event, the team members exchanged the stories from the Herbonis early stage, enjoyed hikes together, got involved in climbing exercise or just were cozy enjoying nature and drinks. As we were united for these 2 days, we will keep holding together and combine our expertise to bring expected innovation to the market.


The CEO of Herbonis, Dr. Rätus Böhlen during the event said:

"Since 2006 I was involved in the special story of Herbonis, and it was a roller coaster ride throughout the years with many obstacles in front of the company. The founders and drivers in the early years of the company never gave up and moved constantly forward. Nothing was too difficult for them.

Since 2018 I have the pleasure to lead this beautiful company. Together as a team we achieved to quadruple the turnover and to shape Herbonis as a profitable, sales driven, scientific based company. Furthermore, Herbonis was able to convince the best people and coworkers for our project. With this basis Herbonis is more than well-structured for further strong growth and to master the challenges of the coming years."



We were also privileged to have the founder of Herbonis with us and he reflected on the Herbonis story::

"The first years were dedicated to the development of a completely new product derived from plant sources and containing a very effective ingredient. We had to convince nutritionists in the animal feed industry of a product that was not known in this industry at the time. But that had a scientific rationale for its activity in bone health. This was a new territory. The challenge was even greater considering the strong competition from the market. However, thanks to the unique properties of our product behind which is the irrefutable science and hard work of all employees, we made our way and earned the trust of our partners and customers."