Integration of Wyreside Products Ltd.

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Herbonis proudly announce the integration of Wyreside Products Ltd. that was acquired on January 1st 2020.  
John Withehead, Wyreside Managing Director, who has been promoting and selling Panbonis® over the last 12 years, steps back from the forefront and hands over the business to Herbonis. This is obviously a significant milestone for Herbonis as John has been one of the major actors in the success of Panbonis in UK, Northern Ireland and Commonwealth. Indeed, he fully supported Herbonis in the turbulent initial phase and strongly increased the Panbonis sales potential. We will never thanks John enough for his impressive commitment and dedicated passion during all these years.
In any case, John stays committed to Herbonis and will continue giving his precious support for the next coming years on a global basis. This transaction entails no major changes for our customers as Wyreside remains as a legal entity.
In the meantime, Herbonis is looking for a Sales Director that will become John’s successor in following and developing even more the UK and the Irish market.