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In times of high feed costs, Panbonis® gives you the best ROI!

Getting the best value of the eggs produced?

Getting the best value of the eggs produced?

In times like now, when feed costs and egg prices are very high, keeping hens longer in production while reducing downgraded eggs due to poor eggshell quality is crucial.

Adjusting to the high feed costs, feed additives have been removed resulting in poorer performances.

Keeping hens longer in production, moulting or increasing Ca levels in the diets are strategies to increase the number of eggs per hen housed and eggshell quality.

But did you know that the aged laying hen is not able to efficiently activate vitamin D?

When laying hens get older, the activation of vitamin D is limited. The activation of enzymes involved in vitamin D metabolism in kidneys is reduced, negatively affecting Ca transportation and absorption.

What if we can increase Ca absorption, keep bones healthy and on top support the highly challenged liver and kidney in the aged laying hen?

Panbonis®- the ultimate solution

The natural source of the bioactive form of vitamin D (1,25(OH)2D3). By supplying Panbonis® you increase Ca absorption when hens need it the most, bypassing liver and kidney, hence higher availability for hens.

Better egg shells or improved feed efficiency?

Why choose if you can have both?

Panbonis - the winning serve.