Herbonis and Feedworks announce partnership for Australian market

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We are closing a successful year behind us by announcing the parentship with the company Feedworks Pty Ltd from Australia. Feedworks will work actively on promoting Panbonis®, the unique, natural and safe source of the bioactive form of vitamin D3.

Panbonis® as a brand is already known in Australian market, but with the dedication of Feedworks it will allow more customers to get to know the benefits of Panbonis®.

Feedworks Pty Ltd provides quality products, services, and technologies to enhance the profitability in animal production systems. Their slogan Performance through Science best describes the Feedworks’ approach to working with customers, suppliers and the scientific community.


Their CEO Mr Malcolm Mottram says about the partnership: “Feedworks takes great pride in its ability to introduce new technologies and watch their progress as they develop through research, market investigation commercialization and then finally become a valuable and profitable outcome for our customers. Panbonis® from Herbonis offers a new technology in delivering an essential nutrient in its most available source of the biologically active form. We look forward to being able to support our customers with great research to commercially benefit their business and the industry that we work in.”

CEO Mr Malcolm Mottram of FeedWorks

“Herbonis is the company that has a proven and strong scientific base. Therefore, we see a great opportunity in strategic partnership with Feedworks that is dedicated to new technologies and bringing unique solutions to their customers. We believe that with combining our strengths this partnership will result in benefits for all, but for customers the most, who will be able to verify the benefits of Panbonis® that we see all these years” – says Dr Rätus Böhlen, CEO of Herbonis.