Testimonial by John Hodgkinson

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Panbonis® improves calcium utilisation and can replace oyster shell supplementation for broiler breeders.

"On the evidence achieved I will be using this strategy in the future flocks."

concluded John Hodgkinson, production director Lohmann GB, broiler breeder division at the end of the trial.

Herbonis Group together with Lohman did a trial to complete the factual evidence on the use of an alternative source of feed additives to support eggshell strength which affects utilisation and hatchability from approximately 45 weeks of the flock.

Supplying Panbonis® as a source of the bioactive form of vitamin D, directly stimulates calcium absorption from the intestines and the calcium balance in the hen. During the following test period, the hatchability was on average 2.2% higher in the test barn where Panbonis® was fed, compared to the control barn where oyster shell was used. A simple calculation shows that based on 22 000 hens per barn, Panbonis® gave 325 extra hatching eggs per day during the 10-week test period from 50 to 60 weeks of age.

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Article of PoultryBusiness March 2023 by Lewis Business Media