Herbonis is using the unique source of Solanum glaucophyllum.

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To our valued stakeholders,


We have recently been made aware of certain entities selling Solanum glaucophyllum, claiming it to be identical to the unique raw material we use for our products. However, the quality of Solanum glaucophyllum. is highly dependent on the variety and growing conditions. We wish to clarify that Herbonis is using its own protected variety Hervit 153 with the increased and  constant content of the active ingredient.  

It's worth noting that in the past, the Asia Pacific region was one of the regions where we obtained our raw material. However, our extensive research and evaluation led us to conclude that plants from this region did not meet the stringent quality benchmarks we set for our product, Panbonis®. Therefore, our strategic partner supplier made the informed decision to cease harvests from the Asia Pacific region, as soon as we have achieved the superior Hervit 153 quality in alternative locations. Any claims suggesting that other companies have access to the same variety are false and misleading. 

Please do not be persuaded by such false claims. If you come across such misleading information or products, we would appreciate if you could kindly let us know. 

Your trust is of utmost importance to us. At Herbonis, we uphold the highest standards of quality and transparency. Only Panbonis® and Herbonis are equipped to provide comprehensive quality documentation and validate the potency of the active ingredient through our precise analytical methods. We recognize the significance and responsibility of your livestock's well-being, mirroring our commitment to excellence. We advise judgement in sourcing materials for your animal diets, as not all products on the market match the unparalleled quality of Panbonis®. We deeply value your continued partnership and understanding. 


Herbonis Media Communication Team