Solanum glaucophyllum

Solanum glaucophyllum.
A unique understanding.

From the source to the customer

Herbonis is cultivating its own variety of Solanum glaucophyllum, which enables us to fully control the entire production chain: from the source to the customer.

Solanum glaucophyllum, also known as the waxy-leaf nightshade, is one of the few plants that produces the source of bioactive form of vitamin D3. It is rich in 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol glycosides, which support the natural functions of that vitamin.

Many years of research and our team of highly skilled scientists resulted in plant varieties that have a constantly high level of the active ingredient in glycosidic form. Our well-known, unique products, Panbonis® and Panbovine®, are based on this plant.

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